Keeping social distance while walking in Thessaloniki
by the Hellenic Institute of Transport

In the post-COVID-19 era, ensuring safe travel conditions for citizens is now a major issue. For this reason, special emphasis has been given to the transport sector both through the strict observance of protection measures and social distancing in public transport and through the adoption of new technologies such as disinfection systems for public vehicles. However, in addition to ensuring safe conditions for movement during the use of means of transport, the safe movement of both pedestrians and users of micro-mobility means, who are more exposed than car drivers, is also important.

In this scope, a comprehensive routing service for pedestrians and minibuses was created which will suggest the safest route taking into account the areas of increased concentration of citizens. In addition, the heatmaps visualize the data collected from various data sources such as the Bluetooth detector network, Facebook check-ins, telecom data and taxi fleet data. Through the Bluetooth network it will be possible to detect pedestrian crossing from specific points while both through the Facebook check-ins and the telecom data valuable conclusions will be drawn for the areas where a large concentration of citizens is located.


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Bluetooth Detections

Taxi trips destinations

Facebook check-ins


Bike trips destinations

Bike GPS

(Under construction) Parking

(Under construction) Telecomm data

(Beta Version) Pedestrian Routing